Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Tatum!!

 Can't believe that our sweet baby turned THREE on June 4th. She is such a sweetheart and her personality is contagious. I had fun capturing some fun pictures of her to remember this birthday. She is ALL girl and LOVES all the fun girly girl stuff. And I LOVE THAT!!!

 We had a fun filled few days celebrating with her and her friends and also with just the family. I had originally wanted to make her a big cake with the barbie in the middle but decided that she likes everything miniature so I made her a mini cake and put one of her mini princess dolls in it. It may or may not look like her dress but I like to pretend that it was. Tatum loved it at that is all that matters.

 She got some fun gifts. Her favorites were the mini princesses collection dolls that have interchanging dresses.

  She also LOVED her pretend cookie maker kit. She loves making cookies with me in the kitchen so she really got a kick out of this present.
 I agree everything is more cute miniature.

 We had of course a princess party with all her friends. It was so cute seeing all the little girls dressed up like princesses. And most of Tatum's birthday gifts were princesses themed, she was in heaven.

 Her very first Rapunzel Barbie doll. She LOVED this gift.

 I decorated her bedroom door the night before so she could wake up to a fun surprise. She was so excited.

Tatum's only request for her birthday was to eat dinner at her favorite pizza place called the Red Elephant and to go ride on the carousel at the mall. Kolvin even got his first ride too!!
Then we finished off the night at the mall arcade. It was a fun birthday for us all.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Kolvin Monster

My heart melts as I think about the last year of memories with this sweet baby boy of ours. I can't believe he is already 1 and how much joy he has brought into our family. I had a fun time taking some pictures of him for his birthday. He is such a handsome little bugger, I can't help but take a million pictures of him.

He has the prettiest BLUE eyes and the coolest most curliest hair out there. He is very stunning, and I realize as his mother I can brag all about his cuteness.

 Model worthy I am thinking right???

 We had such a fun monster themed party for the buddy. I got some of the cutest party favors that I found at Michael's in their clearance area. I just had too much fun putting together his party. He had a great turn out too. There were at least 16 kids and their parents to celebrate with. He was of course happy to eat his pizza, cupcakes, and birthday cake. He was feeling pretty cool. Thanks to everyone that could show up to celebrate his special day. You only turn 1 years old once so it's fun to GO BIG on these special occasions.

Happy Pizza Face
The morning of his birthday. He had no clue what was going on and wasn't sure about the big party hat either but still looks adorable.

Some fun random pictures of our buddy just being his cute happy self.

Chilling in big sister's baby pack n play.

We had a fun day that ended with party faces that daddy and Tatum wore cause they were cool. And i made cute little monster mouths on sticks that the kids could play with and they LOVED them.
Party hats were a hit also. I loved making all this stuff. Thanks for the ideas Pinterest!!

Loved making the juice boxes, hats, cakes, and cupcakes. It made for some great memories that some day he will say "hey mom that was a cool and fun 1st birthday party"
Some of the great gifts he got from friends that came. Thanks everyone for being so kind.

My two babies!!! Pretty much the same size here. Now I know why my back kills me most days. Lugging these two cuties around. Not at once but still it gets tiring.

My first attempt to making a fondant cake and it wasn't too bad. I guess you have to start somewhere with practicing and this one was a good one to try out. He devoured it so that is all that matters.

Loved that he devoured his cupcakes and cake. He is so dang cute!

Made him a personalized onesie with a cute number 1 and a monster applique. Super easy and super cute. And at the end of the party while I was cleaning up I found this cute monkey that was sitting at his own chair with his party hat on and it made me smile. It was a fun party for EVERYONE including the pink monkey.